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What our clients are saying

  • With the holidays we have had a lot of family events and guests over and I just wanted to let you know how amazing Kaida was. She was excited to have people over and was extremely well behaved. Sending you a huge thank you!

    - Allie and Kaida

  • Before going to PEPP K-9, my dog Roxy was fearful and would be aggressive with other dogs on walks. With Kathy's guidance and training, my dog is now much more calm and confident. Moreover, Kathy has given me the tools and support to continue to guide Roxy's behaviour at home.

    - Lynn and Roxy

  • Working with Kathy was such a great experience. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, Miss Ginger Rogers or me! Above and beyond learning new commands I feel that Miss GR, an 8 year old dog that spent several months at a shelter, has a wonderful new found confidence. As a direct result of our sessions with Kathy she is so happy around the house with our other dog Ben and our cats. I highly recommend Pepp K9 and I will continue to work with Kathy for all of our training needs.

    - Kristi and Ginger

  • Shrek is a rescue dog from Louisiana. Until we adopted him he had spent most of his life inside a cage or crate. When we took him home in May he was afraid of everything. He had to be physically lifted into our car! He did not know any typical dog behaviours like how to play fetch. In two months Kathy has helped us build Shrek's confidence. He will now cross a busy street and jumps willingly into our car. He also responds to all the commands we have learned from Kathy. He is a completely different dog. Thanks Kathy!

    - Denise, Danny and Shrek

  • Just a quick note to say thank you and how much we enjoyed your classes. Genee has definitely improved after her novice training with you. It was great to get the individual attention. Your methods are very easily followed.

    - Donna, Bill and Genee

  • With my aggressive rescue dog, Zeus I had to make sure he was safe and anyone one around him would be safe. I searched for help and Kathy at PEPP K-9 helped Zeus and I work together to help him get over his fears. With Kathy's help Zeus has made amazing progress and I love going and getting to work and play and learn with Zeus, every week.

    - Christina

  • You have done so much to help us. Can't believe how far she's come.

    - From Willow's mom

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Puppy Classes:

Start them off on the Right Paws!
  • (3-6 months) We were the first ones in the Niagara Region to create these younger puppy classes as it is a critical learning period in their lives. This is where you will learn everything you may have forgotten about puppies. The course also teaches them manners in social situations.

Reliable Dog:

The perfect beginner course!
  • (4 months and up) Learn how to tap into your dog’s natural instincts in our ten lessons course, while having fun! Learn coping solutions for the real world! (Air-conditioned space and outdoor training, serving the Niagara Region)

Stellar Dog - Offleash Program:

We have got
you covered!
  • This program is suited for dogs that are good on leash/and have had general obedience classes or pass our test. We teach this in a safe environment and in a fun, friendly way, while providing everyday life distractions. Have that trustworthy companion you have always dreamed of! This leads to our Off Leash Advanced Intermediate program and is done in a safe environment with distractions.

Focused Specialty Programs:

Behavioural Therapy:

  • General obedience and rehabilitation for dogs who are reactive (aggressive) to other dogs or humans. No need to hide any more or be ousted from other dog schools with your dog. (any age or breed) Custom designed to meet your needs.

Fearful Dogs:

  • Is your dog afraid of other dogs, pulls on leash/snaps/barks or tries to hide? Fear of specific things? This program is for you then! We have many years of proven experience working with these types of dogs!

Deaf Or Blind Dogs:

  • We can help you achieve awesome communication skills with your dog while keeping them safe!

Other Services:

Teaching dog to walk with walker
  • Pet First aid classes:
    • We can help Owners who have a disability with simple tasks that they wish their dog to help them with.
    • Various seminars offered throughout the year (Pet First Aid, Relaxation therapies, other behavior seminars)
  • Pet Matching: thinking of getting a pet? Let me help you decide which pet would suit your family's lifestyle.

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